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[ Introduction ]


OpenR8 Education Edition is IDE software for AI algorithms. AI algorithms are modularized and presented in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Non-software background users can adjust and design algorithms with ease by using this software.




[ Features ]


    • Windows User Interface which is Easy to Use

    • Portable Software

    • Support for Deep Learning

    • Support for AI Algorithms

    • Support for Image Processing

    • Support for Large Imaging Library of Operators

    • Support for Image Analysis

    • Support for Pattern Matching

    • Support for Blob Analysis

    • Support for Barcode Recognition

    • Support for QR Code

    • Support for Unicode

    • Support for Multi-Core and Multiprocessor Computers

    • Support for GPU Acceleration

    • Support for Customized Libraries  




[ Supported Operating Systems ]


    • Windows 10 64 bit is recommended.




[ Hardware Requirements ]


    • Intel x64 CPU with AVX2 instruction set.

    • 4 GB RAM or higher.

    • 20 GB of free space on a hard disk.

    • Screen resolution is 1280 x 720 or higher.

    • Mouse or other pointing device.

    • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support. (Option for Acceleration)




[ Open Robot Language ]



Open standard robot language. Please refer to the following url for the detail.




[ Partners ]


Intel, Dell EMC.




[ Edition Description ]


OpenR8 Professional Edition: Full functions. Permanent authorization.


OpenR8 Subscription Edition: Full functions. 1 year authorization.


OpenR8 Runtime Edition: Read only. Permanent authorization.


OpenR8 Trial Edition: Read only. 1 month authorization.





[ Buy OpenR8 AI Software ]


If you want to buy OpenR8 AI Software, please visit the following url.


LeaderG Inc.:




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