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[ Introduction ]


OpenR8 is an IDE software for AI algorithms. AI algorithms are modularized and presented in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Non-software background users can use AI algorithms with ease by using this software.




[ Applications ]


Wafer inspection, IC inspection, copper foil inspection, LCD panel inspection,PCB inspection,Visual analysis,AI AOI automatic optical inspection,Robotic arm control,Virtual worker,Stock price forecast,Process quality prediction,Maintenance forecast,Data trend forecasting,Student achievement forecast,Fish classification,Poultry behavior analysis,Credit risk analysis,Handwriting recognition,License plate identification,Telemetry image analysis,X-ray image analysis,Cancer cell image analysis,Confidential image analysis,Factory camera image analysis,Face recognition,Age identification,Gender identification,School teaching, etc.



[ Features ]


    • Software packages that use a simple Windows operating system without the need for a complex Linux operating system


    • Free installation, built-in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenVINO, OpenCV, Caffe, can be directly executed after decompressing


    • Friendly user interface, without writing programs, can perform AI training and also inference with the mouse


    • Open source code


    • Player Edition, free for royalty.


    • Subscription and Professional Editions in reasonable price


    • Enterprise and Education Edition are enterprise agreement and cost effective


    • Technical support for the solution


    • Support deep learning


    • Support for artificial intelligence algorithms


    • Support image processing


    • Support multiple image calculation methods


    • Support for image analysis


    • Support for template comparison


    • Support for object analysis


    • Support barcode recognition


    • Support QR code


    • Support for multi-language coding


    • Support for multi-core and multi-processor computers


    • Support for GPU acceleration


    • Support for custom libraries


    • This machine is executed, data is not uploaded to the cloud, and company secrets are avoided.




[ Supported Operating Systems ]


    • Windows 10 64 bit is recommended.

    • Linux 64 bit



[ Hardware Requirements ]


    • Intel x64 CPU with AVX2 instruction set.

    • 4 GB RAM or higher.

    • 60 GB of free space on a hard disk.

    • Screen resolution is 1280 x 720 or higher.

    • Mouse or other pointing device.

    • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support. (Option for Acceleration)

    • Intel Movidius Myriad X. (Option for Acceleration)




[Software advantage]


    • Support multiple languages, display, annotation, variable name

    • Detailed English documentation and teaching videos

    • Update the latest algorithms every week

    • No need to write programs, graphic control interface, easily use the latest algorithms

    • Open source code

    • Easy to get started, development integration is fast

    • Through the semiconductor industry, panel industry, petrochemical industry, PCB industry, etc. factory verification

    • Won the first place in the International AI Competition, the prize is 100K USD.

    • Reasonable price

    • Thanks to wafer, packaging, panel, copper foil, PCB and other industrial manufacturers

    • Free installation, built-in Python 3.6, TensorFlow, PyTorch, support CPU and GPU operations, no need to trouble installing another Python environment, can be used immediately after unzipping

    • Built-in common deep learning solutions: SSD, VGG, ResNet, YOLOv3, MaskRCNN, Data Analysis, Taiwan Stock, etc. All programs have been verified, use the OpenR8 window interface, it can be executed with the mouse. No need to write program

    • The solution has a beautiful English description pdf file




[ How to Use ]


1. Start OpenR8 CPU Graphical User Interface: 



2. Start OpenR8 GPU Graphical User Interface: 



3. Start Python 3.6 CPU Console: 



4. Start Python 3.6 GPU Console: 



5. Start jupyter notebook CPU Web Interface: 



6. Start jupyter notebook GPU Web Interface: 



7. Set jupyter notebook CPU Web Interface Password: 



8. Set jupyter notebook GPU Web Interface Password: 



9. Start Spyder CPU Graphical User Interface: 



10. Start Spyder GPU Graphical User Interface: 



11. Upgrade pip CPU:



12. Upgrade pip GPU:





[ Open Robot Language ]



Open standard robot language. Please refer to the following url for the detail.




[ Partners ]


AAEON, Acer, Advantech, Amazon, ASUS, Dell EMC, Google, IBM, IEI, Intel, SAA, WPIg





[ Edition Description ]



OpenR8 Cloud Edition: 

Online trial.

Executive functions. 

Read only. 

Permanent authorization.


Suitable for school teachers and students.

Please click the "AI Cloud" from this website menu to try it.



OpenR8 Player Edition: 

Executive functions. 

Read only. 

Permanent authorization.


Suitable for massive deployment of equipment manufacturer and system integrator.

Ready to be built in with any GPU computers.

Suitable for school teachers and students.



OpenR8 Subscription Edition:

Full functions. 

1 year authorization.

Upgrade to new version for free within 1 year.

USD 1,200 per set.



OpenR8 Professional Edition: 

Full functions. 

Permanent authorization. 

Upgrade to new version for free within 3 years.

USD 3,600 per set.




[ Buy OpenR8 AI Software ]


If you want to buy OpenR8 AI Software, please visit the following url.


LeaderG Inc.:






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