[OpenR8 solution] GetComputerID (Get the MAC address)
  1. Instructions for use


The computer Media Address Control Address (MAC address) can be obtained automatically by executing the R8 solution. This article will explain how to use OpenR8 to get the computer MAC address.


Step process:

【double-click R8.exe】=>【File】=>【Open】=> 【Select solution > GetComputerID folder】 => 【Load GetComputerID.flow】=>【Run】=>Get the MAC address. As shown in Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3.


Fig. 1.Open R8.png

Fig. 1.Open R8.exe.



Fig. 2.Open flow file.png

Fig. 2.Open flow file.


Fig. 3.Get MAC address.png

Fig. 3.Get MAC address.




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