[OpenR8 solution] Loop (loop)
  1. Instructions for use 


 Loop is a common control process that repeats certain steps until the condition is reached and can be jumped out. Functions can be combined through the use of requirements.


Fig. 1. Flow chart..png

Fig. 1. Flow chart.


Steps to use : Run R8.exe => Open the solution => Run the solution. See Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4 below.


How to use it : Insert the "Loop" and "Loop_End" individually into the beginning and end of the loop process. Then set "toStop" in the "Loop", which needs to be updated in the process of performing the loop, confirming that it can jump out of the loop, and if the variable is 0, it will fall into an infinite loop. See Fig. 5 below.


Fig. 2. Open R8.png

Fig. 2. Open R8.exe.



Fig. 3. Open a solution..png

Fig. 3. Open a solution.


Fig. 4. Execute the solution..png

Fig. 4. Execute the solution.


Fig. 5. Use of Loop..png

Fig. 5. Use of Loop.




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