[OpenR8 solution] String (String processing)
  1. String_Add


This solution is an example of addition in string processing, and different strings can be combined into a string through string addition. 


  1. Objective : Used to merge two strings.
  2. The steps to use : Run R8.exe => Open the solution => Run the solution. See Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3 below. 


Fig. 1. Open R8.png

Fig. 1. Open R8.exe.


Fig. 2. Open the solution..png

Fig. 2. Open the solution.


Fig. 3. Run the solution..png

Fig. 3. Run the solution.


  1. How to use it :

Sets the two strings that you want to consolidate and output consolidated strings. The function uses the following Fig. 4.


Fig. 4. How to use String addition..png

Fig. 4. How to use String addition.

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