LEADERG AI Computer ( Deep Learning, PC, workstation, server, NVIDIA GPU, TESLA V100, Titan RTX, RTX-2080Ti-11G, Intel VPU, GPU Server, OpenR8 AI Software

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The best AI  computer on sale!Use the latest and fastest hardware  NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA Titan RTX, NVIDIA RTX-2080Ti-11G!


AI computer is a money-making tool. A multifunction machine, In addition to Artificial Intelligence algorithm training and make inferences, it can also be used for paperwork, movie clip, eSports, mining.


Thanks to the fab, Packaging and testing factory, Panel factory, Copper foil factory, PCB factory, Equipment factory and other corporate customers for using our AI computer.


Thanks to the teachers of National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Chung Hsing University, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, National United University, I-SHOU University, National Defense University for using our AI computer.




[ Applications ]


Wafer inspection,Wafer package inspection,Copper foil inspection,Panel inspection,PCB inspection,Visual analysis,AI AOI automatic optical inspection,Robotic arm control,Virtual worker,Stock price forecast,Process quality prediction,Maintenance forecast,Data trend forecasting,Student achievement forecast,Fish classification,Poultry behavior analysis,Credit risk analysis,Handwriting recognition,License plate identification,Telemetry image analysis,X-ray image analysis,Cancer cell image analysis,Confidential image analysis,Factory camera image analysis,Face recognition,Age identification,Gender identification,School teaching, etc.



 [ Product Advantages ]


1. Hardware advantage:Use the latest and fastest hardware NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA Titan RTX, NVIDIA RTX-2080Ti-11G !Design for deep learning optimized and verified by the client with 24H operation.


2. Software advantage:Install deep learning software in advance and ptimization setting, the latest AI algorithm downloads are available weekly.Windows interface,easy to learn and use.


3. Software and hardware are optimized for deep learning, can be executed a variety of useful deep learning software and solutions downloaded from the Open Robot Club website.


4. Multi-purpose, it can be used as a high-level personal computer, Gaming host, Mining host when not doing deep learning.


5. CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD can be upgraded by purchasing.


6. Welcome enterprises, schools and public institutions for large order


7. Company advantage:Professional artificial intelligence robot design company, the capital is 100 million.




[Software Specifications ]


1. OS:Pre-installed Windows 10 64-bit Professional Edition, multi-purpose, in addition to Artificial Intelligence algorithm training and make inferences, can also be used for paperwork, movie clip, eSports, mining. You can purchase an upgraded version of Windows Server, In addition you can also be installed instead of customer Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS


2. SW:Pre-installed NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA cuDNN, Caffe, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch.


3. OpenR8:Built-in OpenR8 - AI Software for Everyone. https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=10985



[ Hardware specifications ]


1.CPU:Intel Xeon Enterprise processor, CPU can purchase upgrades.


2.RAM:DDR4 2400 ECC memory, with error correction, make sure that the contents of the memory are not wrong, suitable for academic research and execution of key business operations, you can purchase upgrades to 128GB 。


3. GPU:NVIDIA TESLA V100, NVIDIA Titan RTX, NVIDIA RTX-2080Ti-11G, deep learning can be very fast,You can purchase upgrade GPU.


4. SSD: 1TB NVMe PCI-E SSD , ultra-fast large capacity.


5. MB:Server level motherboard, dual GigaE network, dual CPU socket(CPU can purchase upgrades ).


6. Power:1000W/12cm power supply, durable and large capacity, two display cards can be supported.


7. Cooling:Large CPU cooling fan.


8. Case:You can choose a desktop case, 4U rack type case, Or 2U rack type case.


9. Monitor:Without a monitor,  please purchase separately.


10. Keyboard: Without keyboard, please purchase separately.


11. Mouse: Without mouse, please purchase separately.


12. Warranty: The hardware is guaranteed for three years after shipment (limited to non-natural disasters and man-made disasters, limited to non-special work environment), and some models provide global three-year warranty service.


13. Upgrade: CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, HDD and peripheral equipment can be upgraded.


14. MIT: Components can be changed to non-Made in China, welcome to the purchase of public units, welcome custom specifications.



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[ Model ]


Model Name




Quadro P4000-8G

CPUIntel Xeon E-2186G,

6 cores/12 threads ,


4.7GHz Turbo

RAM:16GB (DDR4 2666 ECC) 

Disk:1TB SSD

Case:Black Workstation


Quadro P3200-6G

CPU:Intel Xeon E-2186M,

        6 cores/12 threads,

        2.9G(↑4.9G), 12M cache

RAM:16GB (DDR4 2666 ECC) 

Disk:1TB SSD

Case:15 inch Notebook



CPU:Intel Xeon E-2186M,

        6 cores/12 threads,

        2.9G(↑4.9G), 12M cache

RAM:16GB (DDR4 2666 ECC) 

Disk:1TB SSD

Case:17 inch Notebook


Quadro P5000-16GB

CPUIntel Xeon W-2145,

  3.7GHz, 4.5GHz Turbo,

  8C, 11 M cache

RAM:32GB (DDR4 2400 ECC) 

Disk:1TB SSD

Case:Black Workstation


Quadro P4000-8G

CPUIntel Xeon 4110 2.1G,

    8 cores/16 threads,

9.6GT/s ,11M cache, Turbo,

   HT(85W) x 2 units

RAM32GB(DDR4 2466 ECC)

Disk:960GB SSD

Case:2U Rack Server


Quadro P4000-8G

CPUIntel Xeon 4110, 2.1G,

   8 cores/16 threads,

9.6GT/s,11M cache, Turbo,

HT(85W) x 2 units

RAM:32GB (DDR4 2666 ECC) 

Disk:960GB SSD

Case:4U Rack Server


 Quadro P6000-24G

CPUIntel Xeon Gold 6144

3.5GHz,4.2GHz Turbo,

8C 10.4GT/s 3UPI,

24.75MB Cache HT(165W)

RAM:64GB (DDR4 2466 ECC) 

Disk:1TB SSD

Case:Black Workstation


Tesla V100-32G

CPU:Intel Xeon 4114 2.2G,

10 cores/20 threads

9.6GT/s ,Turbo, HT (85W),

14M cache,

RAM:32GB (DDR4 2400 ECC) 

Disk:960GB SSD

Case:2U Rack Server


Tesla V100-32G x 4

CPU: Intel Xeon 4114,

10 cores/20 threads,

2.2G(↑3.0G), 9.6GT/s,

14M cache,Turbo, HT (85W)

RAM:32GB (DDR4 2666 ECC) 

Disk:1.6TB SSD

Case:1U Rack Server





[ Hardware Warranty ]


Warranty for 3 years after shipment (limited to non-natural disasters and man-made disasters).




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