OpenGL full name is Open Graphics Library, which displays the 3D acceleration feature of the adapter to display the image.
The R7 library contains the following functions.
OpenVINO is Intel's software framework for deep learning Inference running on Intel's hardware (CPU, GPU...) to optimize execution performance.
This solution consists of five examples, opening a user-specified web page, opening a user-specified folder, outputting the read text to a PDF file, exiting.
Sound library. To record using this function, first pull the audio initialization, set the audio parameters, and then pull other functions according to your needs.
Mouse Simulation Function Library.
The function of FC2 is to control the FLIR camera, set the camera shutter and gain value to obtain the image captured by the camera.
OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a graphical program interface that defines a cross-programming language and cross-platform professional.
This Image_40Labels_SSD512_Caffe is in the framework of deep learning Caffe, first using the SSD (Single Shot Multibox Detector) algorithm to train the model.
This Image_Face_SSD_Keras is through Keras library, using the SSD (Single Shot Multibox detector) method for face recognition.
This Image_Classify_VGG16_Caffe is using the Caffe framework, VGG16 network architecture is used to train the model and to classify the images through trained models.
Mask R-CNN is an extended application of Faster R-CNN, adding a branch more than Faster r-cnn. The target pixels are segmented while the target is being detected.
This solution is an example of addition in string processing, and different strings can be combined into a string through string addition.
XOR_Caffe_FC is to use the Caffe framework to determine the XOR value of two numbers.
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