This article will introduce and demonstrate how to use it, users can integrate functions to the required places according to their needs. For example, when training the
CGI is a technology for network communication. It requests data from the web browser through a web browser, and after making a specific CGI program, it is displayed bac
The computer Media Address Control Address (MAC address) can be obtained automatically by executing the R8 solution. This article will explain how to use OpenR8 to get
This section describes how users can load an existing solution through the R8 software to automatically click on the next image, get each image for analysis and detecti
Using the Caffe framework, the human face in the image is detected and identified through the SSD (Single Shot Multibox detector) method.
The purpose of this solution is to find objects in the image. The method is to extract the feature blob by means of the connected region representation, and then filter
This IntegerList_Caffe_FC is a deep learning Caffe framework that uses a multi-layer network to train the model and then test it through the trained model.
Image_OCR_Caffe_FC is a MNIST handwritten digit number identification using Caffe to identify the number in the image.
The Image_Cap is to detect whether the cap is covered and tight.
By running the R8 solution, you can automatically obtain the sharpness of the image to determine if the image is blurry. This article will show you how to use OpenR8 to
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