Polish design and research collective, NAS-DRA, has been developing a “parasitic drone” that can attach itself to neon billboards to absorb CO2 in the city air.
A small Australian team came up with a drone delivery solution that might answer the questions currently raised by the online giants like Google and Amazon.
Ford developed a special robotic team to endure day-to-day the inevitable danger and tedium on the bumpy tracks.
The robot barkeeps take orders from a set of tablets, on which customers can specify ingredients to taste for their own cocktails.
Recently, on Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, four K5 security robots can already be seen patrolling at night.
More surprising applications of electroadhesion technology for commercial and industrial use.
The brand new sentient-robot film is coming to theaters next March.
A California-based company recently published several demo videos online to demonstrate the application potential and possibilities of electroadhesion.
When throwing, tracking, batting, running, and catching a ball are no longer problems, how far are we to a fully grown robotic baseball player?
In our foreseeable future, how will the human body look like?
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