OpenR8 AI software is with web user interface for AI algorithms which makes AI easy.
OpenR8 AI software is with web user interface for AI algorithms which makes AI easy.
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This is based on the deep learning Caffe framework. The SSD (Single Shot MultiBox Detector) algorithm is used to train the model. Then the trained model is used to dete
This Image-Classification-MobileNetV1-Caffe is using the Caffe framework, MobileNetV1 network architecture is used to train the model and to classify the images through
This solution uses Keras UNet to learn. Most of the research on medical image segmentation is based on UNet. This is a split network consisting of two parts, feature ex
Stock-Taiwan-XGBoost-Regression is a solution for Xgboost (eXtreme Gradient Boosting) and Regression to predict Taiwan's stock price.
ForLoop refers to the for loop in Loop. If there is some basicity for the program, it should be familiar to the loop.
The computer Media Address Control Address (MAC address) can be obtained automatically by executing the R8 solution.
Image_binarize is used to separate the image from the foreground and background of the scene.
A large number of image operations can be performed through this solution to compare the performance of different computers.
Image_barcode is used to parse barcodes, such as bar code or QR code.
Image_VideoCapture_OpenCV is a VideoCapture using OpenCV. The image read by the webcam is captured and displayed in the window.
The function of Output is the content printed in the "DOS window". The printed content can be integer (int), bool, float, double-precision floating-point (dou
The COM Library library contains the following functions, as shown in Figure. This library is mainly used for serial data transfer. Currently, it only supports RS-232 f
CGI is a technology for network communication. After requesting data from a web browser through a web browser, a specific CGI program is sent back to the browser.
Barcode related functions, such as parsing barcodes.
This function includes Video movie; image opening, creation, copy display, storage related function; image basic operation; image drawing related, etc.
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