IDE software for AI algorithms.
The OpenR8 is an open source software which consists of modularized and graphical algorithms. It features the Windows-based software instead of Linux-based.
The Caffe Library of OpenR8 contains 23 functions, which can be used for image classification, object detection, numerical prediction, time series data prediction.
For an example of using HttpServer, you can refer to the documentation of HttpServer_DeepLearning in the folder OpenR8/solution.
A function library related to strings. Contains string addition, merge two strings, copy the string, copy the string to another string.
The function of Debug is to run the debugging process. When running in Debug mode, add the Debug Library related function to check the value, string.
The JSON library contains the following functions.
This function library is a file-related function. Contains access to images, deletes file folders, reads folder files, accesses strings, accesses binary files.
The functions of control are For loops, If conditions, Loop, Exit, WaitKey ... and so on 20 kinds.
CURL is a functional library of network traffic that uses commands under url syntax to get the results you want, such as transferring a string, receiving data.
This includes adjusting the exposure, Gain, and captured images of the Basler ace series of cameras. Before using the Basler library function.
Operator's Library contains 17 functions, as shown in the following figure.
The python function runs the Python file by calling python.exe, so use the Python function library.
The function library of the Timer library contains the following function.
Socket is an interface for two-way network communication, mainly divided into two types: TCP and UDP.
Httpd is an open source software that is often used as a Web server. We can then display the post or get data on the Web page by specifying the URL.
Confirm that the device has GPU and CUDA. It is often used to get the name of a CUDA or GPU and to determine if it is present on the device.
Image_Basler contains three files that demonstrate three solutions for adjusting the exposure, Gain, and captured images of the Basler ace series of cameras.
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