This Image_Face_SSD_Keras is through Keras library, using the SSD (Single Shot Multibox detector) method for face recognition.
This Image_Classify_VGG16_Caffe is using the Caffe framework, VGG16 network architecture is used to train the model and to classify the images through trained models.
Mask R-CNN is an extended application of Faster R-CNN, adding a branch more than Faster r-cnn. The target pixels are segmented while the target is being detected.
XOR_Caffe_FC is to use the Caffe framework to determine the XOR value of two numbers.
The purpose of this solution : The user selects the image through the Web page and obtains the frame that the result message of the object detects.
ForLoop refers to the for loop in Loop. If there is some basicity for the program, it should be familiar to the loop.
The function of HttpServer_DeepLearning is to read the already trained caffemodel file.
The purpose of this solution is to allow users to select images through the web page and obtain a frame of the resulting for object detection.
The function of HttpServer is to transmit the file to be received, and display the content of the received file through the webpage.
Data_analysis uses different methods to model learning and inference of data.
The computer Media Address Control Address (MAC address) can be obtained automatically by executing the R8 solution.
This section describes how users can load an existing solution through the R8 software to automatically click on the next image.
Using the Caffe framework, the human face in the image is detected and identified through the SSD (Single Shot Multibox detector) method.
The purpose of this solution is to find objects in the image.
The Image_Cap is to detect whether the cap is covered and tight.
By running the R8 solution, you can automatically obtain the sharpness of the image to determine if the image is blurry.
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