The computer Media Address Control Address (MAC address) can be obtained automatically by executing the R8 solution.
This section describes how users can load an existing solution through the R8 software to automatically click on the next image.
Using the Caffe framework, the human face in the image is detected and identified through the SSD (Single Shot Multibox detector) method.
The purpose of this solution is to find objects in the image.
This IntegerList_Caffe_FC is a deep learning Caffe framework that uses a multi-layer network to train the model and then test it through the trained model.
Image_OCR_Caffe_FC is a MNIST handwritten digit number identification using Caffe to identify the number in the image.
The Image_Cap is to detect whether the cap is covered and tight.
By running the R8 solution, you can automatically obtain the sharpness of the image to determine if the image is blurry.
Image_FindRotateVerticalAngle is a solution for processing images to find the tilt angle and then rotate the image according to the angle.
Image_FindBlob2 is an example of a solution that frames objects of a specified size and can be used interchangeably with another “Image_FindBlob.doc” file.
Data Augmentation is achieved by modifying the existing images in the dataset to create more images for the machine to learn, thereby expanding the dataset.
The function of Image_FC2 is to get the image captured by the camera, which contains two files.
The function of Image_ConvertFileFormat is to convert the image file into another image format.
Image_binarize is used to separate the image from the foreground and background of the scene.
A large number of image operations can be performed through this solution to compare the performance of different computers.
Through the Keras function library, the FASTERRCNN method is used to detect the capacitance above the PCB.
The Image contains two files that demonstrate how to create an image and capture two solutions for the full screen.
This file is an introduction to Caffe SSD to detect and label objects in webcam real-time images.
This Image_PCB_SSD300_Keras is through Keras library, using the SSD (Single Shot Multibox Detector) method to detect the capacitance above the PCB.
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