A Taiwanese university research team successfully developed a lightweight, affordable agricultural drilling robot, capable of navigating around obstacles in the field.
MIT researchers taught social robot “Nexi” how to disguise its true intention to carry out a specific goal and achieve human "mental state manipulation.”
The Bristol-based OC Robotics, specializing in “robots for confined spaces," recently launched the latest model of its army of snake-arm robots, Series II - X125.
The Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS) can fulfill requests for supplies in unmanned helicopter flight—you can even place the order on a common tablet.
Researchers from the MIT Personal Robots Group recently unveiled tiny wearable “Zipperbots,” which can automatically track, open, and seal fabric edges.
A Japanese table-top wireless humanoid robot, PLEN, recently has learned to drive a small car around and clean a work desk as well as a computer screen.
What would happen when two shoddy robots sumo-wrestled with each other until one of them fell over or got punched out of the ring?
With the return of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Terminator: Genisys”--the fifth installment of the classic Sci-Fi franchise--has just released the latest trailer.
A research team from Kod*lab recently took the six-legged robot, D-RHex 2.0, to New Mexican deserts to test its dune-climbing and “parkouring” skills in harsh environme
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