The rider can expect to be propelled by at least 150 horsepower duo water streams to hold the rider up as high as 40 feet in the air (about 12.2 meters).
Amazon Echo is here to join up on the intelligent personal assistant army.
From clipping on the fly films to changing different cameras, the model claims that it can be snapped together under 1 minute and ready to fly.
A Japanese research team successfully developed a small-scale, fully-functioning “Transformer” prototype.
Ford recently announced that in the next model year, they will offer a pedestrian-sensing, collision-avoidance system in its European Mondeo sedan model.
A new robot that can accurately and consistently pick up and place small containers and potted plants: Harvest Automation HV-100 robot.
Japanese Robotic Cheerleaders Have Great Sense of Balance
OpenCV HAAR feature training--using face search as an example. View the demostration slides online at our website!
Maybe in the near future, we will get to see Cirque du Soleil performers soaring high with robots on the live stage?
Kwada Robotics presented its agile two-armed robot, NEXTAGE, to serve coffee to Japan Robot Week 2014 visitors.
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