LEADERG Inc. successfully developed “one-tip two-leaf” image analysis algorithm for its future cost-effective, tea-plucking robots.
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Pepper.
One of the YouTube commenters wrote: The awesomeness burns my eyes!
Origami is an appealing concept for robotics because you can transform two dimensional materials into three dimensional structures that are inherently flexible.
Scientists suggest that the robot "may be employed in agriculture, on the ocean floor, or even on Mars."
BeetleCam: remote-controlled cameras get up close to lions, and the results are breathtaking.
Stanford researchers presented the concept of SupraPed robots this year.
Having a robot that can do all of your cooking for you has been a fantasy since The Jetsons.
The robots, called Jellyfish Elimination Robotic Swarm (JEROS), are autonomous, able to use cameras to locate jellyfish near the surface.
These robots are made of tiny little pieces of you.
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