LEADERG AI-P3200-M AI Laptop (Xeon E-2186M, P3200-6G, OpenR8 Professional Edition With 1 Year Update)
Price: USD7,500

15" AI artificial intelligence mobile workstation


Equipped with the latest 8th generation Intel Xeon 6 core processor







Ports & Slots

1. Headphone jack

2.  USB 3.1 Gen 1 port w/PowerShare

3. Security lock

4. RJ45

5. Mini DisplayPort 1.4


7. Power adapter port

8. Thunderbolt 3 Type-C ports

9. SD card reader

10. Smartcard reader (optional)




Dimensions & Weight

1. Height 0.98-1.17" (25-29.95mm)

2. Width 14.8" (375.92 mm)

3. Depth 9.89" (251.3mm)

4. Weight: 5.57lbs (2.53kg)



[Hardware Specifications]


1. CPU: Intel Xeon E-2186M, 6 cores


2. RAM: 16GB, DDR4-2666 ECC


3. GPU: NVDIA Quadro P3200-6G


4. SSD: 1TB M.2 PCIE Solid State Drive


5. Monitor: 15.6" FHD 1920x1080


6. Warranty: This kind of hardware is guaranteed for three years after shipment.

(Restricted to non-natural disasters and man-made disasters, limited to non-special working environment, service to the government on the second business day)


7. Delivery: Within 5 weeks



[Software Specifications]


1. OS: Pre-install Windows 10 64-bit Professional and optimized settings.


2. SW: Pre-installed NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA cuDNN, Caffe, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, built-in OpenR8 AI Software Professional Edition is permanently licensed for one year update (https://www.openrobot.club/openr8).


3. Lesson: Provide 1 hour Zoom video operation teaching.



[Shipping Method]


1. Delivery time: It is expected to arrive within 45 working days after the order is established (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays). If there is another agreement, the shipping date will be shipped and shipped on the agreed date.


2. Delivery method: through fast delivery. If the goods ordered by the consumer cannot be delivered twice after being delivered, and the company cannot contact the phone for more than three days by telephone and E-mail, the company will cancel the order and refund the full amount.


3. Delivery scope: Unlimited area. Note! The destination address should not be a PO Box.


4. Product Warranty / After-sales Service: If the product itself or the shipping process leads to new products, the new product can be replaced within 7 days of arrival. If not specified, the new product is guaranteed for one year, and the second-hand goods are guaranteed by the original purchaser according to the original purchase date.


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