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Would you like to import AI deep learning image analysis technology to the company?

Do you think that the teaching courses in the workshop are too academic and have no industry experience to solve the problem?

Do you think it takes a lot of time to learn to write a program, but it is very hard to be effective?

Do you think Linux is not working well?

As long as you have purchased or rented a Rieter artificial intelligence computer, you can purchase a 20-hour problem-solving deep learning image analysis teaching.



1. Problem-solving problem-oriented, industrial problems can be quickly answered

2. Use OpenR8 AI software to easily apply deep learning image analysis without writing a program

3. Through the goal-oriented training, the company's employees learn artificial intelligence technology in a short period of time.

4. Small class teaching below two

5. The teaching hours need to be used up within one year, refund for the number of hours that have not been used up.


6. Remote lession by using Zoom video conferene software


Industry experience: wafer, packaging and testing, panel, copper foil, PCB, hospital


[Lesson Content]

1. OpenR8 AI software solution

2. OpenR8 AI software implementation

3. Deep learning software and hardware planning

4. Optical equipment planning

5. Institutional planning

6. Electromechanical planning



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